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Halloween Ideas

Safe Halloween Activities Your Kids Can Enjoy



If you, like many parents, are concerned about the safety of your children on holidays like Halloween, know that there are many different ideas you can implement to provide a safe, viable, fun alternative to traditional Halloween trick or treating. All you need to do is use a little imagination and effort, and your Halloween celebration will be even more memorable than traipsing around the neighborhood trolling for candy. Let’s look at some creative ideas to come with an alternate Halloween activity.

Host Your Own Halloween Party

Kids Halloween PartyWhile not entirely original, this one has the advantage of keeping you completely in control. You control the guest list, the treats, the games, you-name-it! Ideas for Halloween themed parties abound, and a great deal of fun can be had by making it a specific theme. Take care not to make it a too-expensive proposition for the parents to get their kids into the chosen theme, but for instance a Superhero party could be a lot of fun, with appropriate Superhero activities!

Go To The Mall

Many shopping malls make a big deal out of Halloween, for obvious reasons. You don’t have to make this a shopping excursion, but it can be a fun easy alternative to traditional trick or treating. It’s a fairly safe venue, and the treats will most likely be safe. Be sure to accompany your children and watch out for the traffic!

Your Church

Many churches now sponsor kid-safe Halloween alternatives, many times eschewing Halloween altogether with a Harvest Festival. Games, rides, candy, costumes and fun are the hallmarks of these Halloween night activities at your place of worship.

Alternative Celebration

If you’re a family that would rather not celebrate Halloween at all, either in its present form or with an alternative, then create your own traditions! Make this night a special night that your family chooses to do something special together on its own. This can be a great way to create memories and new family traditions.

Floating Halloween Party

Another very cool idea I heard of was to organize a floating Halloween party. The idea behind this is to involve several families, each hosting a segment of the night’s activities. You might limit the number of houses to four or five, depending on the distance between them and number of children involved. If you have many children, you might want to split them up into groups and have them take their turns at each home. You can have a scary haunted house, a Halloween craft house, maybe a contest at another, and of course lots of treats available at each home. This kind of activity creates loads of fun and a sense of community, and also keeps a tight lid on things!

Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary holiday for parents. With a little imagination and ingenuity you can create a safe, fun evening for both your kids and you as well!

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