Pet Safety Tips for Halloween – Get In Costume

Halloween Safety

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween



Halloween is a fun time for most, but not necessarily so for animals. There are several things to consider for this holiday to keep your pets safe and healthy. I’m sure you’ve heard all the horror stories about the latest batch of Satanists or witches who find that Halloween is the perfect time to do a little sacrificial action. Unfortunately, this is all too true and every year some unsuspecting black cat is a victim of this kind of activity. Let’s look at some guidelines to help keep Fluffy out of harm’s way!

Halloween Pet Safety

  • If you have a black cat, keep him or her very secure in the house for the entire holiday, and preferably the days leading up to it. Many pet stores and animal shelters refuse to sell or deliver black cats during the month of October, much to their credit. Just to be on the safe side, it’s not just black cats that have been victimized. A word to the wise‚Ķ
  • Dogs also should be cooped up. If not allowed to be inside, at least keep them far away from the action, as they can easily become excited and run after trick-or-treaters, causing many scenarios you’d rather not deal with. Keep them away from the front yard fences, as kids in strange costumes will actually get them very agitated and may try and provoke them further.
  • If you decide that your dog or cat (or other animal) is to be part of the proceedings, then keep in mind that some animals like to get dressed up; some don’t. You’ll know the difference very quickly. Also, remember that pets have tails that they don’t always monitor so well. These can get involved with any lit candles you have out or come across, so beware.
  • Be very aware of the kids treats that your pets will want to ingest. Chocolate is very toxic to dogs and cats, and the wrapping they come in won’t do them any good either. No matter how nicely they sit up and beg, don’t give in!
  • Make sure your animal has a current ID. If you open the door and he darts out into the night, it’ll make it easier on someone who finds him to give you a call.
  • If you have a party at your home, make sure the pets aren’t invited. Put them in a secure room or some other place. All these strange sights will only cause them confusion, and someone may end up getting bitten. Better safe than sorry.
  • If you choose not to heed the above, and someone tries to give your pet some holiday cheer, kindly ask them to leave the party. Alcohol and animals don’t mix well; it can kill them, so it’s altogether a better decision to lose a friend for the night than an animal forever.

Halloween can be a night of great fun, but not for pets. Make sure you do what you can to safeguard your pets for another day!

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