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Tips for Your Child’s Halloween Costume



Picking a Halloween costume isn’t that hard. You’ll have lots of help. Trust me, lots, and lots of help. Kids can’t wait to tell you what they, ‘simply have to be’ for Halloween this year.  They are bound and determined for you to use their idea, probably just as much as you are not to let this get out of hand. The good news is that with a few ground rules that you can agree on beforehand, the two of you can come to a mutual agreement and both be happy when Halloween finally shows up.

First decide on a budget for your Halloween costumes and hold the child to this. They may want the coolest, most expensive thing to come down the pike, but ultimately you end up paying the bill for this outfit that will likely only have a few days life in your child’s wardrobe. Once you decide how much you want to spend, try and give as many choices therein as you can. This is a fun thing, after all. If you have concerns about subject matter or age appropriateness, then you need to direct them in this.

Safety Issues

Depending on age of your child, make sure you look at the applicable safety concerns. Will this costume trip them up, choke them or suffocate them? Will they be able to see where they are walking? Will it be too hot? Too cold? Too exposed? Many times costumes are marketed to the parents and the result is little Samantha ends up looking like someone off of late night TV. If you and your child are ready for that, fine. If not, consider what this will look like on your 6 year old!

You might decide to shop online this year for your Halloween costumes, and if you do, you’ve probably made a wise decision. The choice online is many times greater, and by starting your shopping now you’ll be able to have the pick of the best available costumes this year. Many online sites have not only great selections, but fast shipping, low prices and incredibly creative ideas, available in all sizes.

Some of the most creative designs will be found online as opposed to the department stores and seasonal Halloween shops that spring up this time of year. Those stores have to market the latest, most popular costumes, as they can’t afford to take a flyer on a costume that may or may not sell. Online, that’s not the case. When you go to your local Target you might find Pirates, Princesses and Wizards this year, and not a whole lot else, in about two minutes of browsing online I found children’s costumes of a cell phone, a man-eating shark, a gumball machine, all the characters of The Wizard of Oz, Colonial boys and girls, the Statue of Liberty and much, much more! Take the time to find a truly unique costume this year!

Take your time, shop early and make this Halloween an event your child will remember!

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