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Throwing A Successful Adult Halloween Party



Halloween’s not just for the kids, you say?!? That’s for sure, and the perfect way for an adult to celebrate this holiday is to throw an adult Halloween party. You all get to go all out on your own costumes for a change (in fact, the kids will no doubt be very jealous of your costumes!) and get to grab some fun for yourselves! Here are some ideas for you.

Adult Halloween PartyChoose a theme, have a costume contest, with perhaps several categories and prizes. Decorate the heck out of your home. Plan the food, themes and contests well ahead of time, and if you’re going to have any audio-visual entertainment of any kind running, make sure you do several run-throughs and that everything goes off as desired.

Consider making your food themed, and perhaps having a witch’s cauldron from which to drink. A further note about alcohol: while not wanting to stifle anyone’s fun, you would do well to see to it that everyone at your party drinks responsibly, as you REALLY don’t want Frankenstein to get in an accident on the way back to the castle, as the cruel finger of liability could point back to your castle! Just a word of caution!

What are some of your ideas for an adult Halloween party? Leave a comment and share in the fun!

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