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Halloween Safety

Halloween Candy Safety Tips for You and Your Kids!



It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, having tainted candy given to your trick-or-treater and not catching it before it does irreparable harm to the youngster. Every year we hear new horror stories about how this heinous practice has ruined not only someone’s night, but perhaps their future.

Trick Or Treater SafetyThe picture isn’t all bleak, however. There are safeguards you can put in place as parents to ensure your child not only has a great time, but comes home unharmed. Here are some great Halloween candy safety tips to heed and implement this year. Make sure your child understands and follows them to the letter.

  • Don’t eat anything that has a loose wrapper. Many times if a wrapper is suspect, the candy inside is also. Tightly wrapped packaging is a good sign that someone hasn’t unwrapped and re-wrapped the candy, something that would be hard to do well.
  • Give your child a hearty meal BEFORE they go out trick or treating. They won’t be as hungry and less likely to gorge themselves on everything they collect along the way.
  • I inspect all candy before I let my child eat it. I know that this may be the hardest to enforce, but these days it sadly may be necessary. You might do a variation on this and allow them to eat from certain house of friends that you know and trust. Work this out beforehand, however. Don’t leave it up to the child.
  • Try not to give out any choking hazards such as gum, small toys, hard candies and the like to very small children. They’re all out there laughing and running, having a good time, and it’s all too easy to… well, you get the picture.
  • Check all fruits and homemade treats for punctures and cuts. Every year we hear stories of apples and other fruits laden with pins, needles and razor blades. Inspect these treats carefully.
  • To protect yourself and maybe start a new trend in your neighborhood, maybe affix some of those free address labels you get tons of in the mail to the candy you give out, taking responsibility and helping out your own neighbors peace of mind.
  • Ask your children to notice who gives them what. Now, I know this won’t be 100% accurate or even often remembered, but planting a seed ion their heads can work wonders. Try not to do it in a frightening manner, maybe phrasing it as an attempt to be able to thank them later.
  • The number one, unbreakable, highest of high, most important rule of Halloween candy safety is….WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT! If this one was followed to the letter, 99% of all Halloween candy safety problems would disappear.
  • Try to limit your trick-or-treating to the late afternoon or early evening hours, and if at all possible, accompany your children.

I hope this list has given you something to think about. Please use it and be sure to have fun!

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