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Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family



Do you enjoy dressing up? Deep down, we all like to pretend we’re someone we’re not. This is where all the monsters, superheroes, pirates, and other costumes available come in.

What do you prefer – scaring kids as a creepy ghost or goblin? Leaping tall buildings in a single bound as Superman? Almost any costume you can imagine can be found to rent or buy these days.

With new technology comes better ways of making costumes, and they’re getting more and more realistic all the time. The plastic fangs of years gone by have been replaced with much more realistic and creepy versions.

What’s your preference this Halloween? A fancy dress costume or something a little more terrifying? I have to say that fancy dress is not my style. A frightening creature of the night is much more up my alley (and a dark and scary alley it is!)

There are lots of scary outfits to choose from – Dracula isn’t your only choice. One of my personal favorites is the classic werewolf. Not some cheesy B movie costume, mind you. I’m talking about a massive beast of a lycanthrope like in the movie “The Howling”.

There’s nothing more satisfying than scaring the heck out the trick-or-treaters that show up at your doorstep on Halloween. A fancy dress costume just doesn’t cut it!

My wife was planning on donning a 12th century dress but with a little encouragement, she agreed to go as a vampiress. Once the makeup was complete, it was amazing. With the fangs and fake blood, she was terrifying kids all night long (in a good way, mind you!)

No matter what kind of costume you might be looking for, there’s no place like the internet to find a great selection. There are plenty of websites that sell costumes, and you can put together exactly what you’re looking for at a surprisingly good price.

Don’t wait until too close to Halloween though – the early shopper gets the worm costume!

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