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Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween Costume



It is always fun to dress up like a pirate. It makes a fun and sexy costume for adults, male and female, and also a great costume for kids. One of the most popular costumes recently for pirates is a Captain Jack Sparrow costume.

Captain Jack Sparrow CostumeWe were first introduced to this simultaneously vile and fun pirate character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The character seems larger than life on the screen so it is only natural that people will find wearing a Captain Jack costume an appealing choice when it is time to play dress-up.

The Making of a Character

A lot of random creativity went into developing the initial character for the movie. Played by Johnny Depp, he was apparently inspired by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and Pepe Le Pue, the lady-loving skunk in the Looney Tunes cartoons. If you see the movie with this knowledge, you can understand some of Jack Sparrow’s character quirks even better.

Get into Character

In order to dress up like Captain Jack, you not only need to look like him, but you need to act like him. The ability to stay calm in a crisis. His inflated sense of self importance. His personal ideas that he is a lady’s man. The ability to simultaneously look completely clueless and utterly brilliant. We can help with the costume, but these are your responsibilities…

In order to truly look like Captain Jack Sparrow, it can take some time. Not only do you need the clothes, but you also need the right makeup, the right facial expressions, and the right walk. Did you ever notice that he can’t seem to walk on land? He is constantly swaying, as if drunk. Can you capture that?

Finding the Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

If you do want to dress up like this particular pirate, you’ll have no problem finding a Captain Jack Sparrow costume at any decent costume shop.

The movies have been so popular, however, that the costume may be hard to find. Rent it well in advance to make sure you can find it. If not, you will need to put the costume together yourself.

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