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How to Find Great Teenage Halloween Costume Ideas



If you’ve been tasked to try and find the perfect teenage Halloween costume for either yourself or your teen, then know first that this is not an impossible task. You can find exactly what you’re after with a combination of searching online or maybe a little store shopping.  With some added creativity on your part, before you know it, the perfect costume will be yours!

Teen Costume IdeasFirst you need to decide on a theme, in other words, what general category you would like to dress as this year. This just helps keep you from looking at everything that’s out there and help to focus the search a little.

Then you need to decide if you want to buy this outfit online or at a party store near your house. Both have their advantages, but just know that shopping online for your Halloween costume will afford the most choices, best availability, and probably also the best prices. There are many reputable companies doing business on the web and by simply Googling the term “Teenage Halloween Costumes” you will return thousands of results. Concentrate on the first few pages, as that is really all you need. If you have a really specific costume desire, you might go a bit more detailed in your search request, such as by searching for “teenage Marie Antoinette Halloween costume” and see if what you are looking for doesn’t appear. Play with this and you might surprise yourself!

If you’re on the lookout for more contemporary ideas, you might try using music stars, movie stars or sports stars. These people are in the public eye and you can really get creative and come up with some great ideas along these lines. Some ideas off the top of my head might include Paris Hilton in jailhouse garb; The Barack Obamma girl; Lindsay Lohan’s rehab counselor (out looking for Lindsay!) Michael Vick’s dog handler and perhaps Al Gore’s son.

The news is rife with ideas like these and some not quite so much capitalizing on their misfortunes. Try and make your costumes as clever as you can, incorporating as much detail and imagination as you can into them. Don’t settle for the store bought costume and leave it at that. Make sure to go the extra mile and do the makeup, appropriate props, and anything else that will help get your point across. Maybe Lindsay’s rehab counselor is showing Lindsay’s mug shot around, (found now on the internet) Michael Vick’s dog handler could be dragging a deceased dog behind him. (Fake of course!) You get the idea. Go the extra mile that others won’t and you’ll find yourself the hit of the party.

Make sure everything actually fits long before the big night. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to find out there’s more of you than there is costume, or vice versa. Take advantage of some of these tips and have yourself a happy Halloween!

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