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Take Krypto Trick-Or-Treating With A Superman Dog Costume



When it’s time for trick or treating, you want your pets to be able to get their fair share of all the dog treats! But for that, you’ll need to pick up a costume for your furry friend. There are plenty of costumes for your pet that are so cute and the Superman dog costume is one of those costumes you can get just in time for Halloween.

Superman Dog CostumeYour pet will enjoy being part of the fun in this adorable costume. Faster than a speeding bullet, this costume will have your dog stealing the center of attention. You’re going to want to pay attention to the sizing when buying costumes for pets – especially the neck area.

You want your four legged friend to comfortable. The neck girth for this little superhero-to-be costume can easily be worn by dogs with a neck size up to 8 ½ inches in diameter. You’ll want to measure your dog to make sure.

When you get the costume, the first thing you’re going to notice (besides how cute it is) is all of the details the costume has all over it. When your pet slips his feet into the front paw part of the costume, it will look like he’s a furry superhero standing, just waiting for a treat!

The front paws of the costume have a bit of gathering just before flaring out, so that means they’ll stay in place on his legs rather than sliding under his paws so he won’t end up stepping on the costume.

The costume has the red underwear portion just like the real Superman wears and it comes with the yellow belt made as part of the costume. The center of the chest is the blue background with the Superman S logo large enough to be easily visible. The front arms of the costume are padded, so they’ll stand out like your dog is a mini person with arms.

The back of the costume opening is spacious, so there won’t be a struggle to get your pet in or out of it – and the opening is gathered with tough elastic for long lasting strength no matter how many times you put or take the costume off of your pet.

When spread out, the red cape that’s attached to the rear of the costume comes a little more than halfway down the dog’s back. The costume is made of durable polyester that can last for many wears. You’ll get a storage bag along with it so that you can keep it safely stored to use again.