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Show Your Wicked Side With A Ravenna Costume



If you’ve seen the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, then you know that it’s a sort of twist on the familiar fairy tale of Snow White that we all knew from childhood. The villain will be the reason Ravenna costumes fly off store shelves this Halloween season.

Ravenna CostumeThe queen of the story is frightening in a chillier way and her cool beauty is a deliciously wicked part of the movie. From the top of her perfectly coifed blond hair to the tips of her feet, the outfit that Ravenna wears as the villain of this edgy movie is dark and somber, revealing outwardly the darkness she holds within her heart.

There’s an iciness, a deeply cold reserve that you can emulate for your own Ravenna costume. For starters, the queen sometimes wears a dark crown that resembles sharp dagger edges.

You’ll be able to find the crown online in dark black but with the same shiver-worthy edges that are sure to inspire fear on Halloween night. Beneath the crown, Ravenna’s hair is styled into a french braided knot, so if you don’t have hair long enough to do up in that style, you can easily use one of the Ravenna wigs to get the look you want.

For makeup, you’ll want to use very pale tones, icy whites, and cold green eye shadow for the eyes. You can find the makeup for the costume online as well. The dress that Ravenna wore was dark and flowed so seamlessly, almost like it whispered evil words with every step she took.

Noticeable about the costume was the raised neckpiece that framed the sides of her neck and rose up to the middle of the back of her hair. It was made in a manner that caused the ends of this piece to resemble part of a crow’s wing, which of course was so fitting, since Ravenna could change herself into ravens. Ravens have always been a symbol of doom and a gathering or flock of ravens, interestingly enough, signifies a murder.

The dress itself flows all the way to the floor and more often than not hides the shoes she wears. The dress shimmers as the queen moves – and that’s because of the glitter accents placed on the dress.

The long parts of the sleeves are mesh, which continues the doom and gloom air of the costume. The mesh sleeves are held down by the strip of elastic, which goes around the finger. Also part of the sleeves are the long pieces of material, which go in front of and behind the arms to add to the feel of flowing darkness and evil.

To top off the costume, carry the jagged dagger the queen was so fond of holding. When you wear the Ravenna Costume, you’ll need to exude an air of power and intimidation. It’s bound to frighten even your closest friends this Halloween.