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Relive The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow With A Headless Horseman Dog Costume



Finding a costume for your pet that’s funny and memorable will be easy if you think outside the box. To get a great costume, take a look back at a popular legend turned blockbuster movie that you probably heard growing up.

Headless Horseman Dog CostumeThere’s a legend of a headless horseman that’s frightened kids and adults alike from the first time it was whispered throughout villages. Though the legendary bridge and the events in the story aren’t real, the Headless Horseman dog costume is well patterned after one of the spookiest stories told.

In this costume, you pet will look like he’s right in the middle of the Sleepy Hollow tale. Though some dog costumes are only suitable for smaller breeds, this one will easily fit larger dogs like a Labrador because it has an adjustable harness to allow for different sizing options.

So whether your dog weighs 70 pounds or he weighs 50 pounds, you’ll get the perfect fit. The costume won’t annoy your pet, either. It’s designed in a way that it won’t interfere with your pet’s ability to eat or to go to the bathroom.

In fact, it’s so comfortable, your pet will forget it’s there. Because of the open design, it slips on easily with no fuss for you or your pet. You can have him ready to go in seconds. It’s the perfect pick for the pet that doesn’t like to sit still long.

The costume has two wide, flexible comfort fit straps that make up the harness. The width of the straps helps to keep the costume in place. One of the straps fits snuggly around the dog’s belly and the other around the upper chest area.

The headless horseman part of the costume is a figurine seated atop a brown and blue saddle like it was sitting on a horse. The figurine is dressed in the style of clothes worn during the time the story of Sleepy Hollow was written and includes the cape on the back of the figurine.

The head of the figurine is the frightening pumpkin head – purportedly used to knock Ichabod Crane from his horse. The pumpkin head is carved into a frighteningly angry expression that’s just right for Halloween jaunts.

The costume measures 9.5 by 3.5 and weighs just over 3 ounces. When your dog wears this costume and your neighbors and friends see what he’s wearing, you’ll get a lot of comments and laughs!