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Cars 2 Halloween Costumes



If your child was a fan of the hit Disney movie “Cars 2,” he will love the variety of Cars 2 Halloween costumes that will be popular this season. These “Cars” costumes are sure to be a hit with the little motor enthusiast in your household.

Lightning McQueen Costumes

Tow Mater CostumeIf Lightning McQueen is your child’s favorite character, there are a number of costumes available. You can consider the muscle jumpsuit costume which features a Lightning McQueen graphic, black pants, and red racing hat. This costume will look great when paired with some red shoes. There is also the Lightning McQueen deluxe costume, with a cool 3-D pop out of Lightning McQueen that goes over an undershirt. This costume also comes with a red hat. A Cars 2 headset will give you the complete racetrack look.

Tow Mater Costumes

Tow Mater was one of the most popular characters in the hit sequel film, so you can bet that the Mater costume will be big among the kids this year. Your toddler will look adorable in the Mater mechanic toddler costume, which features a jumpsuit with an image of Mater, and a cap. Another option is the 3-D Mater costume, which consists of a foam pop out tunic that goes over an undershirt. These 3-D costumes are nice because they are one-size-fits-all; no need to guess on the measurements. A third Mater option is the Mater muscle suit, which features a bodysuit with padded chest and arm areas for extra muscle. This suit features a graphic of Mater on the front and also comes with a hat.

Finn McMissile

Finn McMissile was newly introduced in the Cars 2 movie, so you can expect the costume of this British spy to be popular this year. The Fin McMissile classic costume will feature a black, blue, and white jumpsuit with a car graphic and a matching blue hat. If your child wants a little more muscle, try the Finn McMissile muscle suit which features a padded jumpsuit for extra bulk. Finally, like Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater, there is a Finn McMissile 3-D pop out costume. This costume is low maintenance and easy to slip on over a shirt and pants.

With the selection of “Cars 2” Halloween costumes available for sale this season, your little one will be sure to find something he likes. Save yourself time and hassle and find the best prices by doing your Halloween shopping online rather than in stores this Halloween season.