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There is never a better time to celebrate Halloween than when you are a child. Choosing a costume and dressing up is a big deal to most children, so it is important that you help your little girl find the best costume. If you and your child are short on ideas, consider some of these popular girl’s Halloween costumes.

Princess Costumes

Little Witch CostumeIt is every little girl’s dream to be a princess. Give your daughter the opportunity to fulfill that dream for just one night by getting her a princess Halloween costume. The Cinderella costume is very popular, and is an excellent replication of Cinderella’s ball gown in the movie. This costume comes with a blue and white dress, headpiece and a choker. With the Cinderella costume, your child will certainly be belle of the ball.

If Cinderella isn’t your child’s style, how about a Butterfly Princess costume? This costume comes with a purple dress with sheer sleeves, purple wings, and a silver glitter tiara. A princess wand and shoes sold separately will complete the magical look. Your daughter will be truly feel like a princess when she wears the Butterfly Princess costume.

Cowgirl Costumes

If your little girl is past the princess stage, she may want to wear a cowgirl outfit instead. There are a number of cowgirl costumes for sale, but most include the classic checkered shirt with a skirt and matching vest. A cowboy hat and some cowboy boots complete the look.

Cheerleader Costumes

Many girls will also have fun dressing as a cheerleader for Halloween. If you don’t have an old cheer uniform lying around the house, look for a complete cheerleader costume. A short skirt, uniform shirt, and pom poms can transform any girl into the leading cheerleader. With pig tails and a little face paint, your cheerleader will be a hit this Halloween.

One of the best things about girls Halloween costumes is that they will be used far more often than the trick or treating night. With a cool costume, you will find your child using her imagination and playing dress up year round.