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Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays for children. If you have a little boy, you want to make sure you get him a costume that he will really enjoy. With the variety of boy’s Halloween costumes for sale, you are sure to find something that he can’t wait to wear.

Star Wars Costumes

Darth Vader CostumeStar Wars is always a hit among the boys. Your son may want a Darth Vader costume, complete with the black jumpsuit, cape, and heavy duty plastic mask. Make sure you get him a light saber to give him the complete Darth Vader look.

If your son would rather be a hero than a villain, he will like the Luke Skywalker costume. This costume comes with Luke’s beige tunic, beige pants, boot covers, and a belt. Like Darth, you want to make sure to add a light saber to this costume. You simply can’t have a Star Wars character without the light saber!

Transformers Costume

If your son is a movie buff, he will love the Transformers Optimus Prime Movie 3-D costume. This costume really looks like a Transformer. It features a red, black, and blue jumpsuit with 3-D armor pieces that stick on and give the costume a life-like look. It also includes a matching helmet. The 3-D pieces make this costume one of the most realistic looking Transformers costumes available.

Firefighter Costume

Firefighters are always popular with the boys. Let your son dress up as an everyday hero by getting him a Firefighter costume. The costume is replicated from a real fireman’s uniform, and features a tan jacket and tan pants lined with yellow reflective trim. The pants come with electric straps for a secure fit. A black hat is included with the ensemble to give your little man the complete firefighter look.

Zombie Hunter Costume

Zombies are all the rage these days, and one of the more popular boys costumes is the Zombie Hunter costume. This costume comes with a shirt with a zombie logo, a blood stained jacket, hat, bullet belt, and axe with a severed zombie head. If your son wants to make this costume even more gruesome and authentic, add some face paint to mimic the zombie blood.

These are just a few of the many Halloween costumes for boys available. Whether your boy is interested in movie villains, heroes, or gruesome characters, there are plenty of Halloween costumes available.