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Baby and Toddler Halloween Costumes



There are few things more enjoyable than dressing your little one up for Halloween. When you shop for baby and toddler Halloween costumes online, you will find a much wider selection and variety than is available in most retail stores. If you are stuck for ideas, here are some of the more popular costumes.

Classic Halloween

Baby Halloween CostumeWhen someone says the word Halloween, the first images that pop into most minds are pumpkins, ghosts, and witches. These classic Halloween items are all brought to life as adorable baby and toddler Halloween costumes. You can dress your baby all in orange with a green stem hat and jack-o-lantern face in a pumpkin costume, or you can put your infant in a ghost costume with a white baby bunting and a little white hood. Your toddler will look cute as a button when she wears a witch costume with a pointed hat, striped socks, and carries a broomstick.

Animal Costumes

There is really nothing cuter than your baby or toddler dressing like a little lion, tiger, monkey, or rabbit. Try a penguin outfit with fins, a red bow tie, and top hat, or opt for a furry bunny suit complete with rabbit ears. There are even adorable costumes for animals like pigs and elephants. Parents love animal Halloween costumes because they are super cute and will keep your little one warm and cozy from head to toe on a chilly October evening.

Food Costumes

Food items usually aren’t the first things you think of when considering a Halloween costume, but when your baby is dressed up as a pea pod or a hot dog you will see why they have become so popular. Babies and toddlers are cute as can be when dressed up in these mini costumes. Other popular food costumes include Tootsie Rolls, ketchup, or a little silver Hershey’s kiss.

Character Costumes

Does your toddler enjoy Elmo, Winnie the Pooh, or Kermit the Frog? If so, your child will absolutely love wearing a costume based on his favorite cartoon or television characters, and there are an abundance of choices available. Some of the more popular include a Tigger costume suit with a character headpiece, or a plush Cookie Monster costume that closely resembles the furry monster.

Most baby and toddler costumes are made to come on and off easily, and even contain handy zippers and buttons that make diaper changes a breeze. The best place to find baby and toddler Halloween costumes is online. With the widest selection available, you won’t have a problem finding a costume for your little one. Instead, you may find it difficult to choose from the countless adorable little costumes available!