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“Captain America: The First Avenger” was one of the summer’s leading blockbusters. If you want to wear a costume that is sure to be a hit, dress for superhero success in a Captain America Halloween costume.

Traditional Captain America Costume

Captain America CostumeLovers of the original iconic Captain America look won’t be disappointed with the selection of authentic Halloween costumes this season. The Captain America muscle suit stays true to the comic book portrayal of this superhero. With an American flag theme, the red, white, and blue suit comes with padding to give an extra muscular look. If you choose to go with this costume, be sure to include the Captain America mask which comes with most bodysuit costumes. The Captain America look is completed when this costume is paired with some red socks and shoes and the Captain America shield. This muscle suit comes in both adult and children sizes.

Captain America Movie Costume

If you are a fan of the 2011 hit movie, you may have noticed that Captain America’s movie costume differs a bit from the original comic book character. In trying to keep with the movie’s World War II era setting, this costume is a darker shade of blue and contains less of the spandex found in the traditional costume, although it still contains the classic letter A headpiece, star on the chest, and shield. These movie-style costumes are new for the 2011 Halloween season and are sure to be a big hit.

Female Captain America Costumes

Just because it is a superhero movie, doesn’t mean there isn’t something for the ladies. Women and girls can join in the Captain America fun by donning the female version of the Captain America costume. The ladies costume won’t be a muscle bodysuit, but it will feature the same American flag motif with a blue top and skirt accentuated by a red and white striped midriff. Red boots, red gloves, the classic shield, and a silver face mask complete the look. The adult version is a sassy take on Captain America, while the children’s version is a bit milder and a fun way for girls to take part in the superhero craze.

Whether you want to look like the classic comic book character or dress like the movie superhero, you will have plenty of options when shopping for your Captain America Halloween costume. Be sure to look online as you will be able to find the biggest selection at the best possible prices.

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