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Show off your superhero might this Halloween with a Green Lantern Halloween costume. Whether you want to be a superhero protecting justice and order, or the sinister villain thwarting everyone’s plans, Green Lantern is the superhero movie that fits the bill. Show your superhero might or evil powers by dressing up as one of these hit characters.

Hal Jordan Halloween Costume

Womens Green Lantern CostumeMighty superhero Hal Jordan will be a huge hit this Halloween season. As a protector of peace, Hal Jordan was one of the best known Green Lantern fighters. The most popular Hal Jordan Halloween costume will be a green bodysuit with a muscle chest, face mask, green boot tops, and a light-up ring. Some suits will also contain a light-up logo on the chest. The look can be completed with accessories such as green gloves, boots, or the Green Lantern sword. This costume comes in both adult and children’s sizes.

Female Green Lantern Halloween Costume

The ladies can get in on the superhero action by dressing as a sexy female Green Lantern. The female green bodysuit will be more form fitting and will give a feminine twist to the muscular male version. The female Green Lantern suit proves that it is definitely possible to be a sexy superhero.

Sinestro Halloween Costume

Would you prefer to go with a sinister rather than superhero look? There are a variety of masks that can help you dress the evil part. Consider the villain Sinestro, who is the nemesis of the Lantern corp. The Sinestro mask has a reddish face with a large scar down the side, closely mimicking the character’s look in the movie.

Hector Hammond Halloween Costume

The conniving evil character Hector Hammond will be hard to mistake this Halloween season. His bulbous, veiny forehead, mustache, and stringy hair can be created via a face mask or Hector Hammond makeup kit with accessories that allow you to recreate his look.

Tomar and Kilowag Halloween Costumes

If you don’t want to dress up as a villain yet still want to look a bit scary, you can dress as Tomar or Kilowag, the Green Lantern Corp associates. When combined with the Green Lantern jumpsuits, these full head masks will make you almost indistinguishable from the 2011 movie characters. Tomar’s mask features his scaly mohawk, wrinkled bill and piercing eyes, while Kilowag’s look features his telltale wrinkly brown face and neck. Both of these looks will let you be the bad-looking good guy.

Green Lantern Halloween costumes are sure to be a hit because there are a number of character types from which to choose. Whether you want to be the good guy, the evil villain, or the sexy superhero, the Green Lantern costumes have something for everyone.