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This Triceratops Dog Costume Is No Fossil



There was a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth – but that time is long gone. But wait! There’s a dog costume that will make you swear you’re seeing a dinosaur. It’s the Triceratops dog costume. The first glance you get of this outfit will make you laugh out loud because it’s cute and hilarious at the same time.

Triceratops Dog CostumeEven though it’s funny, your pet will be the toughest looking pet in the neighborhood with this headgear on. The tough part isn’t surprising when you know that this particular dinosaur was the longest lasting of the dinosaur age. No wonder! Probably because of his tough appearance – no one wanted to mess with this guy.

The costume is no slouch when it comes to capturing that look. If you’ll carefully inspect the costume, you’ll see that the design on the material is made to resemble the skin of a real triceratops.

The material has small, intricately put together designs that give the costume the appearance of tiny scales – and the material also looks reflective so it’ll be easy to spot your pet at night.

The face of the costume is wide, but curved so that the center piece of the headgear eases downward toward the pet’s nose. The wide expanse leaves plenty of room for your pet to be able to see clearly as he’s walking or running.

The back of the headpiece has the curved ridges running all the way around to the bottom of the costume. On the top of the costume, there are three long white horns, with the smaller of the three being fastened in the middle between the dog’s eyes.

The costume is a comfortable fit, so dogs don’t mind wearing it. Since all dogs shake their heads, there’s a velcro strap at the bottom of the costume that you can use to fasten the headpiece in place. The velcro fits beneath the dog’s chin, so it won’t interfere with him opening or closing his mouth.

One thing about this costume is that it has the look of an extremely expensive piece – and yet it’s not. The sizing of the costume is made for most any sized dog and measures 14.5 by 11.5. The weight of the costume is 4 ounces.

You’ll have a lot of fun on Halloween night watching the reaction people have over your pet’s costume.