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Smurf Halloween Costumes



The Smurfs have been around for a long time, but their popularity was recently resurrected with the 2011 hit film “The Smurfs.” Steal the show this Halloween by dressing up in one of these lovable blue creatures.

Smurf Costumes

The classic Smurf look can be completed by dressing in a blue shirt with white pants and white shoes. The color of the shirt is important, as the Smurfs are a very distinct blue. Go with the wrong shade of blue and you may have people wondering what you are. To avoid the hassle of scouring the racks for your blue Smurf top, there are may Smurf costumes available that will enable you to easily transform into the likeness of the Smurf. If you want to represent Papa Smurf, distinguish yourself from the other Smurfs by wearing red pants and a red hat instead of the classic white color.

Smurfette Halloween Costumes

The ladies’ Smurfette look is similar to the men’s Smurf look, but it consists of a white dress with oval accents and attached blue sleeves. The costume also comes with matching blue pants and a white Smurf hat.

Smurf Accessories

There are a few things that can help you complete your Smurf look this Halloween season. If you want to be a true Smurf, consider purchasing a Smurf face mask or some blue body paint. This will give you the blue look that so many people associate with the Smurfs. Whether you are a Smurf or Smurfette, you want to get a white Smurf hat to adorn your head. Also be sure to get some Smurf feet to go along with your costume. These white coverings easily slip over your shoes and are comfortable to wear. You can also get the Smurfette long blond wig, Papa Smurf beard, or the Smurf mitten hands.

With their continued popularity, it is clear that the Smurfs aren’t going away anytime soon. Smurf Halloween costumes come in both adult and children’s sizes, so your whole family can enjoy dressing up as these lovable blue characters this Halloween season.