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Plus Size Halloween Costumes



Halloween is a time for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to dress up and have some fun. If you are looking for plus size Halloween costumes, you will find that there are many costumes to fit your style. Be creative and design your own, or choose from some of the more popular suggestions listed here.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes For Men

If you are looking to dress in something classically Halloween, Pirates are popular almost every year. There are many plus size Pirate costumes available for sale and many ways that the pirate look can be customized. Look for a large brown jacket, pirate hat, and boots. You can accessorize this look by adding a hook, sword, fake beard, or stuffed parrot on your shoulder.

If you prefer to be the good guy, there are countless superhero costumes available, from Spiderman to Captain America and everyone in between. One very popular item is the Batman plus size costume. This costume comes with a grey jumpsuit with a padded muscle chest featuring the Batman logo, a black cape, black boot tops, black Batman mask, and yellow belt.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes For Women

Ladies will also find a wide selection of plus size costumes. If you are looking for something historical, how about a costume from the medieval times? The Renaissance Lady costume features a gorgeous purple velvet gown with gold trim. The renaissance look is completed with gold shoes and a gold headpiece.

If you are looking for something a bit more sassy, try the Vixen Pirate Wench costume. This sexy costume features a red velvet dress with a double-lace-up black corset. A pirate hat, sword, and some fishnet stockings with heels will give you the complete vixen pirate look.

Don’t be discouraged from shopping for your ideal Halloween costume because you need a plus size. The wide variety of plus size Halloween costumes available for sale means you will likely be able to find whatever character costume you desire.