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How to Make A Sumo Wrestler Halloween Costume



If you’ve ever wanted to make an entrance at your favorite Halloween party dressed as an authentic Japanese Sumo wrestler (and WHO hasn’t !) I have some good news for you. Not only is it now very simple to achieve this long-cherished goal, but you can do it quickly and inexpensively too!

Sumo Wrestler CostumeThe simplest way by far is if you happen to be near 300+ pounds, and have a spare loincloth hanging around, you can simply don your best Sumo wrestler hairdo (black, tied back in a ponytail) and head out into the night, trying not to frighten the wee ones too much.

Since the aforementioned scenario won’t work for most of us, let’s look at the available alternatives. If you’d like to make your own Sumo outfit, here’s an easy way. First get some tights or sweats. A larger size of tights that you can ruin, preferably flesh colored, will do nicely. Then stuff the empty Sumo suit with newspaper to achieve the desired fullness of character. Why newspaper, you ask? Well, crumpled newspaper is light, and not nearly as hot as foam, cloth, batting or any other filler material you can think of. You don’t want a sweaty Sumo, do you? (nor does anyone else!) Then affix a loincloth to the appointed area, and find some suitable footwear, either black loafers, ballet shoes, or even flip-flops. Tie your hair back, or if you wear a wig, fashion it to the proper Sumo wrestler look, that signature black, ponytail look. Perhaps a little eye makeup and you’re out the door, ready for a few takedowns!

If you have a little money to spend, you might consider purchasing a ready-made Sumo wrestler Halloween costume. They range from about $29 to $60, and are available online and at more extensive Halloween retail shops. The advantage here is that they are cooler, and have the whole stuffing thing already taken care of.  Some of them range from somewhat realistic to Incredible Hulkish, with severely defined musculature. You’ll need to decide just how real or unreal you wish to be. The advantages to shopping online like this are many. There are many choices for both adults and children in this area, and you can have your costumes shipped to you fast. It might be difficult to find a Sumo wrestler Halloween costume in a local shop, so I’d take the online route.

Part of the fun of this kind of Halloween costume is the play-acting that goes along with it. Your Sumo wrestler could be a fearsome giant, a gentle oaf, or a scared neophyte wrestler full of insecurities. You decide, and play it to the hilt! Be very careful about actually wrestling with anyone, though you may be asked to. Not only could it mess up your pretty costume, someone could get hurt!

A Japanese Sumo wrestler Halloween costume is not that hard to come by, and can make for a fun and unique evening!

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