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How to Make Your Own Genie Halloween Costume



Well, the first thing to know is that this isn’t that tough. Every year hundreds if not thousands of home-made genies parade the streets on Halloween nights, just waiting to grant some wishes and get some candy! The first thing to decide is exactly what kind of Genie you or your child wishes to be. Is it the popular “I Dream of Jeanie” version from the television series of the same name, or if a boy, perhaps the genie from the movie “Aladdin”. Whichever you choose, we’ll look at ways here to accomplish a great look and grant your young one’s wishes as well!

Genie Halloween CostumeLet’s examine how to come up with the female version of Barbara Eden’s “I Dream of Jeanie” in a simple and inexpensive way. Firstly, you need to know that you can buy a very nice version of this costume online or off for not very much money, usually somewhere in the neighborhood of $15-$35. That said, and you still want to make your own, you can do it for less than that and also toss in some creative ideas all your own!

Some of the essentials will be satin PJ bottoms, preferably oversized and flowing. Red, is good, and so is purple or pink. (Shades of pink were the prominent colors in Eden’s costumes.) A bikini top or midriff bare halter with matching hat with long veil would be best, in the appropriate color schemes. If you’re not trying to match the TV genie exactly, (and 99% of kids today probably haven’t seen it!) then your choices regarding colors, materials and extras are opened up considerably. Other accessories you might consider could include a genie bottle, or a genie bottle actually attached to the bottom of your costume, as if you’re emerging from it. (Take care to make sure the Genie can walk easily!), tassels and some costume jewelry.

If you and your young boy genie are into an Aladdin style theme, then of course you’ll want to follow the Genie in the movie carefully. These Genie costumes are available online and in the store for around $35, for a fully muscled, blue masked version of the movie genie. If you’d like to attempt this one yourself, get lots of blue material, newspaper for muscle stuffing, and if you don’t want to buy a mask then face painting your child blue and spiking their hair into a point may prove a challenge, as well as a lot of fun! Give yourself plenty of time, and be sure to do a dry run on the makeup and hair on a night prior to Halloween. You want to make sure you can do this. Again, accessories like genie bottles and perhaps some sort of genie smoke might be fun.

Whichever way you choose to go, just know that constructing your own genie costumes for Halloween are not only doable, but a lot of fun as well.  Just make sure one of your wishes is for lots of fun this Halloween!

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