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Halloween Ideas

Fun Family Activities For Halloween & Autumn



Autumn and the Halloween season offer so many options for families to spend quality time together.  Here are just a few ideas.

Visit A Local Pumpkin Farm

Pumpkin PatchDuring the month of October, pumpkin farms usually have attractions like live music, hayrides, and crafts, not to mention the opportunity to hand select your very own pumpkin right off the vine.

Write A Halloween Story Together

This is a great activity to make an annual family tradition.  The entire family gets to choose the characters, sometimes making inanimate objects like pumpkins and candy corn come alive. Once you create the characters, the setting and the story line, you’ll be surprised how much each family member wants to contribute to the story.

Save each year’s story in a scrapbook and read the stories from past seasons.  It’s a great memory maker.

Watch Halloween Movies Together

Share an annual movie night together by renting “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” “Bednobs & Broomsticks,” “Monsters Inc.,” or “Nightmare Before Christmas.”  Make some popcorn with orange popcorn salt. Serve it with an orange drink. You could even put orange or black light bulbs in the lamps just for the special occasion.

Go On A Nature Walk

Take a walk together through a hiking trail or park.  As you walk, collect leaves, rocks, pinecones and other bits of nature to bring home and display in a large glass bowl.  It makes a gorgeous and memorable centerpiece.

Have A Monster Mash Dance Party

There are many Halloween-themed CDs available during this time of year.  Have an all-family Halloween Dance Party and dance to all the popular Halloween songs.  Your kids will watch you dance and think they have crazy parents, but maybe without admitting it, they’ll also have the time of their lives.

Play “Clue”

Since Halloween is all about mystery, playing the game of Clue will reinforce the season and provide a lot of family fun at the same time.

Paint Pumpkins

Pumpkin Painting is the newest range in Halloween crafts.  Carving jack-o-lanterns is a Halloween tradition, but the process is messy, dangerous and the jack-o-lanterns only last a few days after Halloween night.  Painting Pumpkins is an activity everyone in the family can enjoy, even the littlest goblins.

By having each family member paint their own pumpkin, you will have a fun and memorable family of pumpkins to proudly display in your home or on your front porch.

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