Disneyland Ghosts and Goblins to Return – Get In Costume

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Disneyland Ghosts and Goblins to Return



Since launching full-scale into Halloween in 2006, Disneyland has not only brought back Halloween Time, but they have expanded it and added an extra week for all the scary fun one could imagine.

New things include Candy Corn Acres, located in the Sunshine Plaza in California Adventure, where Goofy will do his best to try and grow the biggest and least seen versions of candy corn; candy corn coconuts, candy corn carrots and candy corn pumpkins, among other delicacies. Also getting much more play this year will be Mickey’s Halloween Treat, a separately ticketed event in which kids get to dress in their own costumes and trick-or-treat throughout California Adventure.

The entrance to the park and every main “land” in Disneyland will be decorated for Halloween, and there will be many meet and greet opportunities with the Disney family of characters throughout the park. For those wanting a less-scary visit to the Magic Kingdom this time of year, it would be advisable to make it during the day. Did any of you make it to Disneyland’s Halloween season last year? Add a comment telling us what you thought of it all!

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