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Designing Your Pet’s Halloween Costume



Coming up with the perfect Halloween costume for Fluffy or Rover this year is something you’ll want to give a bit of thought to.  There are several potential safety and health hazards you’ll want to be aware of so that all of you come home safe and sound this year.

Pet Halloween CostumeFirstly, you’ll want to make sure that your pet is up for this. Some dogs or cats really get into being dressed up and others just don’t. You can discern their preference pretty quick. If they are instantly trying to extricate themselves from this strange garb almost as soon as you’ve got it on them, that’s a clue! Not only do they need to be able to move freely for safety’s sake, they need to be happy doing it. Imagine your night if you have to spend half of it constantly readjusting and re-affixing your pet’s Halloween costume! Not fun!

If you do have a compliant pet and want to dress them up, there are many commercial costumes available online and off for very reasonable prices starting about $5 and up. Do a little shopping online first to get some ideas. For a pet that’s not altogether sure about this, you might want to go the minimalist route, and settle for a cape or something similarly simple. You can also produce your own for very little money. One thing to make sure of is that there is nothing that hinders your pet from moving normally, makes them unable to see well (masks are difficult) or is flammable.

If your dog or cat is toting their own trick or treat bag, take care to monitor what goes in and what comes out. Chocolate is very toxic to dogs and cats and will kill some, so beware of what your pet eats this night. Might be a good idea to either pre-fill their bag with appropriate dog or cat treats, or supply them at each house you visit.

Make sure there are no little doodads that could be ingested off of their spiffy new pet costume. The last thing you want to remember this night is a pet’s bowel obstruction gotten from devouring those cute little items you attached to their costumes. (And you thought they just fell off into the street!)

Another note on masks and that is that Halloween is a night full of strange sights, smells and sounds, and your pet will have plenty to deal with just deciphering all of this. Don’t make it doubly difficult for them by limiting their field of vision. A frightened animal will behave in ways they don’t normally, and you don’t want your dog biting anyone, (or you!) this night.

Halloween can be a fun night for the whole family. Let’s take care to make sure that your dog, cat, pig or whatever pet you choose to participate with you is not only thought about, but looked after well, and all will have a great time!