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Cool Prop Ideas to Further Spookify Your Halloween Haunts



Here are some creative ideas to make your house or apartment even scarier this Halloween!

Adult Halloween PartyDripping blood, bloodcurdling screams and perhaps a rotting corpse are all fun things to have around this time of year! You might rig a drip from your doorway eaves to a bucket near the door, using colored water to collect in the bucket, which you come and collect to reuse later. You could have screams recorded and playing all night, as well as many other spooky sounds, like creaky doors, a frightening dialogue, (“Have you seen those children?!? They look pretty tasty to me!!”) or a scary music soundtrack.

Consider putting a bloodied up chainsaw near the door. Take care to disable it so it cannot be used.

Bones, skeletons and skulls are lovely decorations to make your entranceway an inviting and warm haunt.

Perhaps a foggy welcome, using a fog machine or a dry ice concoction would be in order. Take care to make sure you use dry ice safely, as it can cause burns. (But it’s so dang fun!)

A bubbling cauldron (preferably not hot!) will add a witch’s touch to your proceedings.

Dotting your landscape with a few well-thought out tombstones can’t hurt!

Have goblins flying over your home. Put light sticks into black balloons and tether them over your house. This will only work well if it’s pretty dark and there is really little to no wind.

Spider webs can give any house a creepy look.

These are but a few ideas. What are some of your favorites?


  1. Marti

    June 29, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    Rat’s nest. I have a collection of about 200 rodents in various sizes from 1 inch mice to 3 foot rats that I put out every year. Some are collectively munching on bloody entrails in their straw/twig nest, one white rate is in the blood dripping jaws of a n evil looking black cat, while others are just set around the yard with blood dripping off of their mouths. Creeps most adults out while the kids love it.
    I also have a homemade (fake wooden blade) guillotine with a bloody Barbie head in the basket, “Death to Barbie”.
    I have made 6″ monsters out of previously used monster masks and costumes that are set up throughout the yard.
    I also have a bubbling cauldron but it has body parts that bubble up from the depths, pretty creepy.
    Strobe lights in your graveyard is a good idea as well.

    Have fun everyone!

  2. A.J

    June 29, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    I decorate my house with a graveyard. Tombstones with skeletal parts scattered about and surrounded with a gothic looking flowerbed fence found cheap at hardware stores. We also have sound activated ghouls hanging by the door, a fog machine and inside a table wih a dark purple or black table cloth, spellbook, candles and a bubbling witch’s cauldron. We give out an assortment of treats to the trick or treaters but we also give out little cauldrons/bags of extra treats and cheap halloween prizes (rings, stickers ect.) to the kids we know (friends, relatives, neighbors.ect)

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