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Theatre Costumes

How To Put Together Your Theatre Costumes



There is a certain mystique that accompanies the theatre. And costumes are part of the magic. With the right makeup, clothes, and accessories, an ordinary person can be transformed into someone completely different.

Roman Theatre CostumeIs your character a southern belle but you are an urban socialite? No problem. Find the right elements to your theatre costumes and it can do wonders.

There are people who specialize in creating costumes for the theatre. If the theatre is large, chances are there are specialists employed by the establishment to put together the costumes. If it is a smaller theatre, the production is put on by a school or the show has a low budget, the costumes will more than likely be created by the actors.

Where to Find Theatre Costumes

If a theatre has been in business for a while or it is a popular play, chances are the theatre already has the appropriate costumes in storage. If not, you can either rent the costume or create it yourself based on whether or not you can find the clothes in a department store or even in second hand clothing shops and boutiques. In some cases you may be able to find certain elements in department stores.

Don’t Forget Makeup

The right makeup is an important element to theatre costumes. Makeup can make you look older or younger. It can make a person looked bruised, tired, energetic, or injured.

A skilled makeup artist can transform your appearance by altering even your eye color using colored contacts. If you can’t afford a makeup artist for your theatre costumes then you will need to become proficient at applying it yourself.

Making Your Own Theatre Costumes

You may want to create your own theatre costumes. This is especially good if the process of putting together the costume yourself will help you become intimate with your character.

The better you know your character, the more believable you will be. You can pretend you ARE your character, shopping for clothes at the store. The more you involve your imagination when putting together the outfits, the more believable your theatre costumes will be.

Remember that there is an art to putting together theatre costumes. The more you use the costume to transform your look, the more believable the character will be.