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My Topical Halloween Costume Ideas of the Day



Now remember, these are just ideas, ripped from today’s headlines and while they may or may not make sense when the big day finally arrives, (my guess is they will be!) at least they’ll get you thinking along these lines and help you come up with a truly unique and topical Halloween costume this year! Some of these may seem a little insensitive, so forgive me for that up front, but everything is fair game on Halloween!

How about Michael Vick, leading (one of) his dead dogs behind him on a leash? (Fake dog, of course!) This one will be around awhile. And if he’s not back playing football by then, he’ll definitely be looking for new work which is another angle to play on!

How about Lindsay Lohan’s rehab counselor, carrying around Lindsay’s mugshot, looking for her? This looks like it will be in the news awhile too.

How about Hilary Clinton, stumping for grass-roots support, or possibly looking for Bill?

Nicole Richie in prison pregnancy garb.

You get the idea. Be topical, be timely and above all don’t be afraid to poke a little fun. If they are a very recognizable celebrity, you might even want to don that Hilary or W mask, available at almost any Halloween shop or online. Just remember the key idea here is to have fun! What are some of your ideas you’d like to share?

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