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Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas



If you’re looking for an inexpensive Halloween costume idea for your little one or for yourself, then it’s time to put on your creativity cap and get to work! There are many ways to create a work of art that doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg, (though that’s a great theme for Halloween!) and that can be made simply and quickly. Let’s look at some simple ideas to get your gears turning and then see what you can come up with!

After you come up with your idea on just who (or what) little Johnny is going to portray this year, you can set about figuring out just how to make this happen. Since you’re determined to make this happen as inexpensively as possible we’ll proceed from the assumption that you’re going to make your own costume.

Homemade Pirate CostumeSay you’ve decided on a pirate. Check out all the pirate costumes you can online to get a great picture (literally!) of what you’re making here. When you’ve got that, then get even more creative. The clothes part would be simple with a bit of flair. Coming up with weaponry and a decent pirates hat can be accomplished by using cardboard fashioned, stapled and painted to spec, and a broadsword made much the same way, using tin foil as the metal. Browse through thrift stores to find useful items for the accoutrement you’ll need. Makeup and extras like eye patches give an exciting touch to the would-be Jack Sparrow.

For the little girls dressing for the princess balls, the do-it-yourself route is a little more problematic. It’s tough to fake a snow white costume, so you’ll need to get as close as you can without breaking the bank. Again, work from a good picture and do what’s most important in the costume; in Snow’s case it would probably be the colors and the hair. For Cinderella the dress and shoes will be most important. These dresses can take some time to construct if you’re making them yourself, or if piecing together your costume from bits and pieces of existing wardrobes. Be sure to allot enough time to not only create this amazing costume, but to make any alterations that might be necessary.

If you’re not handy enough to make the costume, but still want to save a few bucks, then here are several ways to do just that! You might try looking on eBay. There will be many, many costumes listed this time of year, and you might get a great deal on a barely used or new costume that fits the bill! You could shop at an online store, as prices are definitely better there. Or you could really live dangerously and shop late, when the merchants are really trying to move the merchandise before it’s too late. The obvious downside to this would be availability.

If you take some time to ponder the problem, coming up with an inexpensive Halloween costume idea will not be that difficult!

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