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How To Choose A Halloween Costume For Your Infant



It’s that time of year again, and this year you have an added attraction! An infant has joined the fun.  You are determined to find the best possible Halloween costume for the best price you can and wow all the neighbors and friends along the way. And now is definitely the best time to do your shopping, before all the cutest costumes get snapped up. But what can I choose and where will I find it? Never fear, help is here! Let’s look at your options when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume for your infant.

Baby Halloween CostumeThe first choice to make is whether you intend to purchase a costume, make one, or some combination of these two. Buying a costume has never been easier. If you do your shopping online you’ll have a lot more choice, as most retail stores will not stock nearly as many styles and ideas as you can find online.  So it would be wise to at least browse online first to get an idea of just what you’re after before you hit the stores. Some of the advantages of the local department store or Halloween shop are that if something is wrong you can more easily get it back for an exchange, and you can touch and feel before you buy. Both of those are impractical online. The good news for either scenario is that since your child is an infant, you don’t have to give them a choice! There’s plenty of that going around for the older kids. If you decide to buy yours online, you’ll have plenty of choice, prices are reasonable, and you’ll have it your hands in a few days. The choice of cute costumes online is truly astounding, and much more than you will find in any store. Take a look for yourself!

If you’d like to make your own costume, then still make use of the internet to browse and refine your idea. This way you’ll have a very good idea of just what materials you’ll need to purchase when you go out to do this. You can make an inventive costume cheaply these days, and for your infant this is not a bad idea.

The main concerns you’ll want to make sure to address, whether you make it yourself or purchase a Halloween costume, is to make sure it safe.  This means that there are no loose parts to swallow, poke, or suffocate your child. Also make sure that the costume itself is not too warm, unless you live in an area that will not require that come Halloween.

Whichever way you choose, I look forward to seeing you toting your infant around this Halloween dressed up as a pea in a pod; or a Hershey’s Kiss; or a baby elephant; or a baby whoopie cushion, or any number of other ideas I’ve seen recently! Just make sure not to scare the little one too much!

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