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Costume Accessories

How To Choose The Right Accessories For Your Costume



Costumes are an integral part of Halloween festivities, costume parties, and some of the other Holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Costumes come in all shapes and sizes and you can find one for just about any theme imaginable.

But, no costume is complete without the right costume accessories. For example, what would a witch costume be like without the hat and wand? You can’t have a Santa Clause costume without the hat and toy bag, a fairy costume without the wings, or a pirate costume without the eye patch.

These costume accessories provide the finishing touches and make the costume look more complete.

Here are some creative ideas for costumes and accessories. They can be worn during Halloween or any occasion such as a costume party any time of the year.

Fairy or Princess

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These costumes are grouped together because they are so similar. Both require items you may already have such as a pretty dress and interesting shoes. Where these two costumes differ are in the costume accessories.

For a fairy costume, you’ll need to make a wand. One quick idea is to cover a bamboo skewer with tin foil and glue a giant star on the end. You will also want to wear glitter.

A princess costume also requires a pretty dress. In this case, your winning accessories will be glass slippers (if you decide to play Cinderella) and your tiara. A tiara is a must if you want to be a princess.


A witch is a fun costume to put together. You can either be a good witch or a scary witch. Though, a scary witch may be more fun to dress up as.

A simple witch costume involves a black dress and matching black shoes and cape. Other costume accessories include a black hat, a wand, and even a black cat if you can manage it.


A pirate is a fun costume for both men and women. This costume is based entirely on the success of the related accessories. You’ll need an eye patch, lots of gold coins, gold jewelry, gems, and other accessories that will make you look like a pirate such as a bandana. This is a costume that you can really get creative with.

Final Thoughts

No matter which costume you choose, remember that it is usually the accessories that make or break the outfit.

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