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Accessorizing Your Halloween Costume



One of the best ways to create more reality for your Halloween Costume is to accessorize the heck out of it! The right pieces added to an already good costume will make you stand out from the crowd, and possibly win you a contest! (if you entered one!) Here’s some ideas to help with the task of completing your Halloween costume experience.

First, do all the obvious things. A Princess should have a tiara, a scarf, and maybe a scepter. A Pirate will come equipped with some sort of weapon, definitely some pirate booty, (unless he’s very unsuccessful!) and maybe an eye patch or hook hand. A wizard will have a great hat, some potions, and maybe a spell book. (for the memory challenged Wizard)  You get the idea.

Once you have the conventional down, it’s time to think outside the box a little bit. What about some great makeup? A little can go a long way. Another great idea is to have your own personal soundtrack. You can record anything you like and have it available on an iPod or some other electronic device concealed on your costume that can play your own spooky, topical or otherwise appropriate sounds announcing your entrance. A fireman with his radio calling him with fire details, or a ghost accompanied by their own spooky soundtrack is practically irresistible.

What are some of your favorite Halloween accessory ideas? Leave a comment and share…

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